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What is drifting? Why is it so popular? Where can I learn to drift?

GoogleLearn to Drift provided by the SSDA drifti team One of trackdays.co.uk’s learn to drift events[/caption]










What is drifitng?

Drifting is a sport of control. The brakes, throttle and steering are manipulated in such a way to keep the car in an over steer position  while maintaining absolute control and shifting the weight of the car between corners. Some of the professional drivers can place the rear of the car inches away from barriers while maintaining speeds of 80 mph at angles of over steer of 45 degree and upwards. A good drifting driver can swing the weight of the car placing it precisely through 5-6 six corners without gaining rear wheel traction at any point. Continue reading

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Car TrackDay Preperation

Prepare for your first car trackday








A general rule of thumb is that if your car is in good roadworthy condition that it will be suitable for track but there are some things that you may want to check and most of these checks can be carried out on your own driveway. Continue reading

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Trackday Motorcycle Preperation









Why do these checks? Road riding is a challenge in itself and some of the checks you do as part of your riding life are compulsory checks such as an MOT. When going on a trackday experience your bike and you will be pushed harder and faster than ever before. That’s why its very important to look after your bike and yourself.  If you’re a seasoned “trackday-er” or its your first time with us follow our simple guide of what to look for and why its important.

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The Legendary Nurburgring is up for sale, HIG group thrown hat into the bidding

The legendary Nürburgring has opened the bidding for ownership this week after the previously goverment backed owners filed for bankruptcy in July.

The Nürburgring has been in need of a buyer since July leaving 300 employees uncertain of their future. The track famed for being a true test of driver skill and itimidates even the most experienced racers. Its demanding layout has bee a proving ground and benchmark for many auto manufacturers.Top Gear’s famous challenges have used the track with racing driver Sabine Schmitz.

The legendary 911 being put through its paces

Legendary 911 being pushed to the limits by “the ring”









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Castle Combe welcomes Supercar Driving Experiences for 2014

Castle Combe is a Racing Circuit in Wiltshire where since its conversion from an Airfield in 1950 has hosted many racing driver legends such as Mansell, Senna and Coulthard just to name a few.

As well as Racing Events, Castle Combe also hosts a range of track days and driving experiences where people can use the circuit either in their own Car or Motorcycle or have an experience driving something else. Up until recently the choices of Cars to drive have been fairly slim and included a Single Seater experience, Rally stage and a performance car experience in a Lotus Elise. Continue reading

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American Muscle Car Driving Experiences

We now have the biggest range of American muscle car driving experiences anywhere in the UK. You can drive these untamed beasts on a race track where you can fully appreciate the raw power that these ‘massive engines on wheels’ are capable of!

Ride the slide baby!

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Mallory Park New Owners Ready For 2014

Following on from our reports on the difficulties experienced by Mallory Park circuit in Leicestershire there is fantastic news. They are under new operators Real Motorsport Ltd. Even better news is that the new owners are not housing developers but highly successful racers and business people in their own right.

Hopefully images like this will become common place soon

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Guide to Preparing a track race motorbike for storage over winter

Most track or race bikes are put into hibernation from Oct to March. Some bikes might be lucky enough to get a bit of winter sun in Spain for a long weekend but for most it will be under cover in a cold dark corner of the garage. This guide will give you some handy tips on how to prep your bike and to make sure your pride and joy doesn’t come out from under the covers the following season looking ten years older!.

There are alternatives to putting your bike away for winter

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