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Porsche ‘Mission E’ set for 2020 launch

German Sports car giants Porsche have set a 2020 launch date for their Mission E concept car, after giving production the go ahead earlier this week. The Mission E will set a precedent for Porsche, becoming their first entirely electric Supercar.

Production of the Mission E will usher in a new eco-friendly era at Porsche, which will be a boost to parent company – Volkswagen Group – after the emissions scandal.






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New Driving Experiences at Bruntingthorpe!

Great News! Finally we have some great driving experiences available at Bruntingthorpe once more. The improvements (now complete) to the site make this a fantastic venue to enjoy our super car driving experiences. Some of our fastest and most exciting cars have moved to their new home there getting ready for someone to thrash them round the track.

New Jaguar Driving Experiences

New Jaguar Driving Experiences

The circuit was a former airfield turned experience circuit and has some fantastic long straights to really make the most of the outrageous horsepower these cars have on tap. Stretch the legs of the Ferrari 458 or Mclaren MP4 on the straights and then hard braking into one of the chicanes to put the handling to the test. These great experiences start from only £79 and make fantastic driving experience gifts.

If you’re looking for junior experiences, these are also available at Bruntingthrope and not only can they drive the cars, they get a great experience with bragging rights to all their friends! Photo packs and video of their day can also be purchased on the day so they can cherish the memories and share it with everyone. A great gift that makes for fantastic memories.


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Nürburgring lap times BANNED by circuit bosses

Nürburgring fastest lap time records may now be held by Porsche forever as the ‘burg bosses have put an end to the fastest lap tests that were due to be undertaken by Koenigsegg. After a spectator was killed during a recent accident, circuit bosses have put all lap record activities in hold.

Sources say that it may not be a permanent ban, and may be reviewed later on in the year. The announcement comes just days before Koenigsegg were due to take the new One:1 for a weeks worth of testing and chasing the heels of the Porsche 918 spyder which currently holds the record. No one knows if or when these cars will be allowed to go round again, but its seems a terrible waste of a fantastic circuit.

Apex said ““Official word from Nürburgring management is that these restrictions will be reviewed at the end of the year,”say Apex, “but for the time being, manufacturers like Koenigsegg are banned from attempting lap-time runs — even if they’ve rented out the entire track for themselves.”

Koenigsegg One:1

Koenigsegg One:1

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£43 Million supercar collection goes up for sale

An astonishing collection of hyper cars has been put up for auction for what is likely to be the most expensive car collection to go up for sale ever.

This collection is so vast, Sotherby’s has had to list an extra day for the auction to be able to accommodate all the cars. The full list of 30 cars is yet to be revealed, but its estimated to easily exceed £43 million which is the current record. Whats worth noting is this is the collection of a single private individual.

Some of the cars that have been confirmed are the Lamborghini Reventon, the first ever Bugatti Veyron (001) and a McLaren F1 but there are still more valuable cars to be unveiled.


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IOM TT News: Franck Petricola has sadly passed away following an accident in qualifying.

IOM TT News: Franck Petricola has sadly passed away following an accident in qualifying.

Franck was due to make his debut at the IOM TT after recovering from a very severe accident last year at the North West 200 race where he suffered multiple fractures and head injury. He eventually made a full recovery and was looking forward to racing again this year and competed in the NW 200 last month.

Franck Petricola












Petricola died at the Sulby Crossroads section of the race and he now is the 141st fatality recorded since the TT begun in 1907. An investigation is under way and more details are expected to emerge on the cause of the accident and more details are expected in the near future.

Gary Thompson, the clerk of the course said “Franck showed incredible character to battle back from the serious injuries he suffered at the North West 200 last year when many a lesser man would have given up the challenge – but it showed his determination to compete on the mountain course. The road racing community has lost a remarkable man and I extend my deepest sympathy to his family and friends”.

Franck has said many times he knew the risks of road racing and risk of injury is higher than many other motorcycle racing events. He said this about his crash last year.

“I don’t remember why I crashed but I accept it. I am a big boy. When you ride in a road race you know it is possible to have a hard crash like this. It is not a problem.”

It’s a terrible loss for the sport and an unimaginably tough time for his family and our sincerest condolences to his family.

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Father’s Day Special Offers have arrived! have updated their site with fantastic driving experience gifts for Father’s Day. Who wouldn’t want to treat their Dad to an amazing gift for Father’s Day? We have arranged some great new experiences in some of the most exciting cars so you can treat dad to the ultimate thrill this year. Here a are a few examples:  Continue reading

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New Driving Experience lineup!

Trackdays has added a fantastic new car in the form of the stunning Jaguar F-Type R which is a stunning piece of British machinery that propels the driver at ludicrous speeds from the comfort of a luxury cabin. The V8 motor harks back to an era of motor sport where torque and raw power were the name of the game with a guttural growl leaving tingles in the spine. This is a true British classic in the making and you can now drive one at some of the best driving experience circuits in the UK for an affordable price.

New Jaguar Driving Experiences

New Jaguar Driving Experiences

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Driving Experiences Janurary Sale now on

Trackdays have added a new January Sales section to our driving experiences website. The great deals have been added to the special offers page and some of the fantastic deals cannot be found anywhere else. Trackdays have been operating for many years in the driving experience field and have expert knowledge of events and negotiate the best deals with all of the events teams in the UK, getting you the best deals.

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TrackDays has added a Loyalty Card Platform have launched a new Track Day Loyalty Card scheme that allows the  owner a 10% discount on unlimited Track Day events and also all of our driving experiences and Special offer Gifts.

We will supply the recipient with a gift card that has a personalised discount code to use each time they book a track day with us. The discount code is unlimited and can be used as many times as the recipient likes within its validity period.

The voucher is valid for 10 Months and can be used on Car or Bike Track Days throughout the year. This can be purchased as a gift, but will only be valid for the attendee name on the card.

Track Day Loyalty Card

Track Day Loyalty Card