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Supercar Driving Experiences Too Cheap!

With the latest Supercar Driving Christmas Offers now released you the customer can get behind the wheel of an amazing Supercar such as a Lamborghini, Ferrari or Aston Martin for only £63.20! Prices have been reducing steadily for the past couple of years as companies aggressively compete for peoples hard earned – and increasingly illusive cash. But is it now too cheap? Customers need to make the most of this amazing value while it lasts!

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Build your own driving experience widget, the online Track Days and Driving Experiences booking website, have launched a new ‘build your own driving experience’ widget to help customers to package together an experience using a ‘tick box filter system’. The filter will allow browsers to select which Supercars they wish to drive, which tracks they want to visit, what type of driving experience they want and even what price range and region.

driving experience search tool

Choosing the experience for you is now easier

Dan Jones, Operations Manager for explained, “Although navigation through our website is relatively easy we needed a solution for customers to be able to narrow the results they were seeing if they had something specific in mind they wanted to book. With the new widget customers can start on any of the driving experiences pages then begin to filter the results down by ticking which Cars, Tracks, Types and Price Ranges they wish to see, effectively allowing them to build their own experience.”

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May 25 0

Commuter shunts hit all time record today – roadside distractions are to blame?

keep your eyes on the road

Its a bit hot today innit?

A record number of ‘shunts’ have been reported during this mornings ‘sunny’ commuter hour in Essex. The majority of these have been minor shunts occuring in heavily populated high street areas. Although it is too early to confirm the exact reasons behind the ‘bumper nudges’ it is generally anticipated they have been due to drivers paying more attention to ‘roadside distractions’ rather than the car in front.

One Essex commuter commented “It was well funny coming in this morning – watching all the fella’s checking out the girls. It was sunny, hot and there were legs, bums and boobs everywhere – best drive to work Ive had in ages!”

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Fathers Day Gift Special Offers

Trackdays have released their Fathers Day Special Offers. Comprising a great selection of hand picked ideas and exclusive special offers spanning across the country.

driving experience special offers

Treat Your Dad

The Trackdays products include five exclusive offers for Supercar driving experiences which can be taken at various Circuits and venues across the UK and ten discounted driving experience packages of which most also have multiple venue options. All can be bought as gift vouchers which have expiry dates of the 20th October.

Dan Jones, Operations Manager for DSG commented “Christmas aside, Fathers Day is one of our busiest times, especially in the driving experience sector so we have made sure we have go the best deals possible for our customers. This Year we have included some offers where the Dad’s can take someone along with them to share the experience which we hope will encourage more people to treat their Dad to something a bit more special this Year”

You can view the full list of Fathers Day Driving Experiences or Fathers Day Gifts on the websites now.

Mar 30 0 Step Up A Gear With Their Junior Driving Experiences

Long gone are the days when a child was satisfied with a ‘hoop and a stick’. Massive leaps in expectations and over-reaching parents over the years has resulted in a global market performance of truly colossal proportions when it comes to ‘present’ time. Driving gift experience companies are trying to tap into that market by turning little boys (and girls) dreams into reality. Children no longer have to ‘just’ look at posters of their favourite supercar on the wall or pretend in the virtual world of the computer game. They can drive them for real!

junior supercar driving gift experiences

Children get to drive the latest supercars - with instruction ofcourse!

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Experience Day Guide to Surrey

The southern County of Surrey has plenty of driving and flying experiences to offer tourists and its 1 million residents alike. Located in the South East and bordering London, Kent, Hampshire and East Sussex, Surrey is a mix of beautiful Countryside and historic Towns.

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